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Concept cupcakes and muffins like monkey cupcakes or zebra cookies are hot favorite amongst kids. Be it a kids’ birthday party or a picnic at school, cupcakes and muffins with animal concept can be a certain show stealer. The whole idea of preparing such cakes and muffins is to bring a smile at your kid’s face. So get started to prepare delicious yet easy monkey cupcakes to raise a platoon of these edible monkey faces.

Ingredients required preparing monkey cupcakes

Here we have chocolate flavored cupcakes with chocolate icing that make for these delicious cupcakes. You can also use vanilla flavored cake as the base with chocolate icing. One would require the following ingredients-

monkey cupcakes

200 grams butter, 1 tsp baking powder, 200 grams sugar, 150 grams refined flour, 4 medium sized eggs, 50 grams cocoa powder and half cup milk. To prepare the icing one would require icing sugar pack and some commercial chocolate. Choose paper muffin cups which are neutral in color. For decoration you would require small and medium sized vanilla wafers and a candy writing tube and edible candy eyes.

Method of preparation of cupcakes

These easy to make monkey cupcakes require one to start with the preparation as for normal cupcakes. Here we are making chocolate cupcakes. Start by preparing the batter for the cupcakes by mixing sugar with room temperature butter. A hand blender definitely makes the job easier. Now add the eggs slowly and gradually one by one. To this well blended batter add the flour with the baking powder and the cocoa powder. Add these ingredients one by one. Now check the batter for consistency. If the batter has ribbon like consistency, then there is no need to add the milk. If the batter is thick in consistency, then one can add some amount of milk to make it the right consistency. Pour this batter in paper cupcakes and bake them in a pre heated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Temperature at 180 degree Celsius should be fine.

Decoration procedure to get the monkey faces

Once the cupcakes are done, take them out of the oven and leave them for some time. When they are at room temperature, apply the chocolate icing on them with a knife. Keep the movements as smooth as possible. To prepare the chocolate icing, melt commercial chocolate on a double boiler so that it does not burn. Now add the icing sugar and keep mixing. Turn off the heat now. Use this chocolate icing to cover the tops of the cup cakes so that it becomes the base of the monkey faces. Now take a medium sized vanilla waffle and place it in the center of the cupcake to form the face of the monkey. Place two more small sized vanilla waffles on either sides of the cupcake to form the ears of the money. Finally, put the candy eyes where they are supposed to be. One can also use a candy writing tube, preferably of black color to make a smile on the medium sized vanilla waffle to make the monkey cupcakes smile!


Easy way to make monkey cupcakes

Monkey cupcakes are very much popular type of theme which is used during different occasions like baby shower and birthdays. You can impress your guests by making some of creative cupcakes in the form of a monkey. Kids get easily excited while seeing such cakes as they always love to watch animals. Cupcakes are usually kept in a small sized cup and the cake lies inside it. Cakes are usually the most wanted things during any celebration. People of all ages would love to taste cakes especially the ones that are kept in a cup. This is because eating cakes during a special occasion can make you to celebrate and share happiness among your friends and family. The following are some of the different ways that can be followed to make a monkey cupcake.

monkey cupcake

Different ways to create a monkey in a cupcake

Make a plain cake with no extra things stuffed inside it. Everyone would be aware of making a plain cake. It’s very much easy to make and you can bake it in half an hour of time. After the plain cake gets ready, make use of green sprinkles, palm trees and plastic monkeys to decorate in and around the plain cake. There are many toy stores out in the market that has the plastic monkeys and palm trees made especially for this type of cakes. Decorate the cake with a small stuffed monkey and it would be the show stopper for the cupcake. When you add the stuffed monkey to the cake, make sure you put some frosting under it so that it would never break until you cut the cake.

Make a chocolate cupcake and decorate it with yellow tins and then add a monkey topper to the cake. This is very much easy to make. Even a small kid can make it. Just mix and match the colors to make a creative and different cupcake. If you are very much talented in making banana cake recipes then you can add monkey toppings to it. Take chocolate buttercream frosting and apply it all around the cake. It can taste good with the monkey cupcakes.

How to create a monkey in a cupcake

Monkey shaped pans can be used to make monkey cupcakes. Such pans are widely available all around the world. You can find one in your nearby cake supply store. The shape of the pan varies according to the cake size. If you are making a big sized cake, then buy a big pan else opt for the small one. Thin black licorice can be used to outline the cake with yellow frosting that can be used for facial features. Create a unique monkey face so that your kid can get excited while cutting the cupcake. Make use of yellow icing to create the mouth and ear part for the monkey. Black licorice can also be used to create the mouth part of the monkey. Take large jellybeans or make use of Hershey’s kisses to make the eyes for the monkey. Monkey cupcakes are not only creative to make, it can bring some real happiness when served among your friends and family.

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